Kontakt Capri, You Love? trailer synopsis FILM

Shot on Capri, the beautiful Italian island, CAPRI, YOU LOVE? is a story of four people who find themselves living in a villa overlooking the sea, wondering if being there is the right thing at that moment in their lives, and if not, what is?
Hugo inherits the villa from his godfather, and Babette, another godchild, arrives to claim her inheritance. Along for the ride is Hugo’s best friend Nestor (who attracts a female companion for the stay) who thinks Hugo would be crazy to sell the villa to fulfill his dream of owning a book store. Hugo’s struggle to determine if he could live such a simple life is at the heart of the film, but the relationship between the four inadvertent roommates is really the focus. How they each try to make the other view the situation from their point of view allows the others to take a more compassionate approach to their decisions.
Very reminiscent of the 1960s and 1970s European art-house cinema of Rohmer and Bergman, CAPRI, YOU LOVE? has several layers of ambiguity, some of which are deciphered, and others are left open, as is so much in life. Eschewing the formulas of so much of today’s cinema, this film is a story of people, their emotions and the journeys they take. Although we aren’t necessarily left with a notion of where the journey takes them, the process is as interesting as the destination.

- David Lemieux in occasion of the film’s Canadian premiere