Kontakt Capri, You Love? trailer casting synopsis

A cinematic chamber-piece set on the mystical Isle of Capri.

Over the course of one weekend, in an idyllic villa close by the Blue Grotto, two men and two women meet. As the hours pass they find themselves entangled in a humorous clash of attraction and ego.

We follow the ebb and flow of their stories as their lives tilt and spin by sometimes small and other times significant degrees.


Alexander Oppersdorff was born in 1965 in Frankfurt am Main and studied at the London Film School. He lived in Rome and worked for the Spoleto Festival. His first documentary was about the legendary opera composer Gian Carlo Menotti.

In 2003, he founded OFF-Produktion in Berlin. CAPRI, YOU LOVE? is his debut feature length film.

Genre Drama/Comedy
Category Feature Film Cinema
Country/Year of Production Germany 2006
Director/Writer Alexander Oppersdorff
Cinematographer Ian Blumers
Editor Anne Fabini
Music Composer Jacopo Fiastri
Costume Designer Constanze Hagedorn
Casting Uwe Bünker
Principal Cast
Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey, Chiara Schoras
Markus Meyer, Kathi Angerer
Producer Alexander Oppersdorff
Production Company Oppersdorff Feature Film/Berlin
in co-production with Wasabi Film and Drife
Executive Producers Martin Kircher, Hendrik Feil
Length 85 min
Original Format HDCAM
Print 35mm
Original Language German
Subtitled Version English
Subtitles sponsored by GERMAN FILMS
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