Kontakt Capri, You Love? trailer casting Synopsis FILM

UGO GRIMBOLD - young, sombre, and somewhat confused by life - travels to Capri intent on selling the beautiful villa which he’s just inherited from his godfather.

Ugo’s best friend, NESTOR, an architect, has already arrived, and in the few hours that he’s spent there has been completely wooed by the house and the island. He immediately counsels Ugo against selling the house.

Nestor is accompanied by the mysterious EMILIE who’s got a day to kill before joining her billionaire boyfriend for a cruise during which she anticipates his proposal of marriage.

Waking from a nap, Ugo finds Nestor partying with Emilie and a group of her friends on the terrace. He disapproves of their superficial gaiety and rather than join them, retreats and spends the evening by himself.

The following morning, Nestor makes a final attempt at persuading his friend not to sell the house. But Ugo wants to purchase a well-established bookstore. He has exhausted himself writing books which no one wants to publish.

Emilie turns up, asking whether she can stay with them for a day or two as her boyfriend’s arrival has been delayed. Ugo wanders off by himself, exploring the island in an old Fiat 500, leaving Nestor and Emilie alone. Soon they’re interrupted by the arrival of the dreamy BABETTE, who shared the same godfather with Ugo.

Babette believes that she and Ugo are meant to be together; based on a single encounter during their childhood. Nestor invites Babette to stay for the weekend, hoping that she might help to draw Ugo out of his apathy. Little he imagines how greatly all their lives are affected over the following 48 hours.

(c) 2006 OFF-Produktion